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5 Reasons why Christians Should Seek Out Mental Health and Guidance Services

Fact is, the society expect Christians to lead a morally upright life based on dictates of Christian teaching and the bible. Oftentimes, members of the congregation who seem to wobble due to life challenges are look down upon and, even times, vilified by community members. For this, many churchgoers opt to keep their suffering to themselves for fear of being mocked. Over time, many of such Christians suffer emotional dysfunctions.

While the number of Christians struggling with emotional instability continues to rise, few churches have the structures and programs to help members who show signs of mental instability. Likewise, the numbers of churchgoers who seek help from mental health professionals remain painstakingly low. The big query then is, should Christians seek help in times of mental anguish?

Common Myths Associated with Mental Illnesses in Christians

Christian suffering, such as terminal illnesses and natural calamities, are a punishment for sins committed.

Christian suffering is a form of spiritual warfare and should be dealt with in a spiritual manner. This is taken to mean that if you, as Christian, should always seek spiritual intervention for your problems rather seek the help of a professional.

Christians can only seek advice from fellow churchgoers. The presumption is that seeking help from your church folk who you’re already acquitted to makes it easy to share. The youth in church do not have many life responsibilities and should thus remain steadfast regardless of the situation or the life stage they are going through. Any youth who err are demonized and considered dishonest. Clearly, the myths and existing misconceptions are strong enough to deter a large percentage of Christians from seeking out mental health services.

But what does the bible say? Should you, as a devout Christian, feel ashamed for seeking health for mental health issues? Here are reasons why you should seek opinions and services of mental health specialist from time to time.

There’s every reason you should for a helping hand if you’re struggling with mental illness.

5 Reasons why Christians Should Seek Out Mental Health and Guidance Services

1. Any sick person requires the attention of a specialist, regardless of religion

As Luke 5:31-32 enumerates, whoever is sick needs the attention of a specialist regardless of their religion. You should, thus, not suffer silently from mental anguish for even Christ put it clear that the sick have a responsibility to seek physicians to attend to their cases.

2. If mental illness is not treated on time, it can lead to death.

Someone suffering from mental illness is often withdrawn, dull and irritable. The feeling of loneliness often makes individuals feel hopeless and unloved. Up to 70 percent in this condition suffer from suicidal thoughts.

3. Relatives and acquaintances are likely suffer as well

If you suffer from mental illness, those close to you will also be affected. After all, they have to keep an eye on your moves, fed for you and if you have a family, they will have to take care of the family members.

4. Incapacitation

A severe case of mental illness means an affected individual cannot be entrusted to perform even simple duties such as attending to youngsters, managing church projects and such. That’s why you should go for treatment so as to remain an active member of church’s fraternity.

5. Effect on society

A recent WHO research established that mental illnesses have been costing developed nations up to 4 percent of their GNP. This means you won’t only affect the wellbeing of those around you by failing to seek the right medication but you also cost your country’s economy.

Mental Illnesses treatment through Hypnotherapy

Since mental illness is all about emotional instability, this treatment methodology to help an affected individual develop the mental strength to subdue and overcome stress and break away bad habits. The treatment is ideal for patients who have had long running mental problems and habits. The treatment is employed by a hypnotherapist- a professional with deep understanding of the human brain and thought process. Should you choose to use hypnotherapy services, make sure you choose a qualified hypnotherapist.

Final word

Being religious yields humility, self-respect and love for others. Through prayers and fellowship, a Christian renews strength to overcome temptations and life challenges. But some points in life, however, Christians face unending challenges leading to emotional dysfunction. The best way to deal with the challenge is by seeking an experienced mind to help you overcome the challenges and regain your former glory. Never shy to express your deepest sitting issues since it’s the only way to feel loved, valued and needed.

3 Ways for Devout Christians to Stay Fit

One of the greatest things about becoming Christian and accepting Jesus as our savior is the realization that we no longer have to think of death as the absolute ending. Sure, it is the ending of our time here on earth, but it also means the beginning of an eternity with God. Still, knowing that our earthly bodies will not follow us into heaven can sometimes make us think that what we do with them doesn’t matter–but this isn’t true.

In 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, the Bible tells us that our bodies are not our own, but temples for the Holy Spirit to dwell in. With this in mind, here are three ways that we, as devout Christians, can stay fit and honor God with our bodies.

3 Ways for Devout Christians to Stay Fit

1. Eating Healthy

When it comes to eating healthy, there’s really no reason not to. When He made the world, God also gave us an abundance of fruits, vegetables, and grains to go with it. More importantly, He designed our bodies to respond positively to these nutrients and to gain energy from them so we may continue to serve Him.

As tempting or as convenient as a greasy meal of fast food may be, this isn’t what He intended for us to eat. That’s not to say that an occasional slice of cake or a fried meal isn’t okay, but as a daily occurrence, it’s not such a great idea. If you’re unsure of how to go about beginning to change your food habits, you don’t need to go cold-turkey on soda and French fries right away–instead, try slowly incorporating more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet.

2. Exercise

This one might seem like a no-brainer, but exercise is incredibly important if we want to live healthy Christian lives. Scientifically, taking time to exercise daily has shown to lower the risk and prevent several diseases and ailments–such as heart disease, arthritis, and diabetes.

Why is it important that we try so hard to prevent getting illnesses like these with exercise? It’s simple–when we are sick, we can’t serve God as effectively. Any plans that He might have for us are put on hold as we are focused on trying to get better. Now, that being said, this doesn’t mean that exercise will prevent from getting cancer or that we should ignore our illnesses, but more so that we should do everything we can in order to keep our bodies in tip-top shape.

Another thing to note here is that how we exercise can vary from individual to individual. While some may settle for a daily walk, there’s certainly nothing wrong with having an intense workout at the gym to keep yourself at optimum performance. Some Christians even like using supplements like whey protein in order to give their bodies the boost it needs to have a more effective, energizing and beneficial exercise routine. One of our church members, Trey, runs a fantastic site called the Protein Investor, which will show you the best deals on whey protein.

3. Sleep

When it’s put next to eating healthy and exercising, sleep doesn’t seem like quite a priority or that it should make the list for Christians who want to stay fit. However, a good night’s sleep is actually extremely important in being able to lead a Godly and healthy life. If you’ve ever gotten very little or no sleep–which we all have–you know how detrimental this can be for the rest of your day. Instead of feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world, you feel sluggish and irritated.

How can we serve God, spread His message and honor Him when all we feel like is going home and taking a really long nap? Even more, if we aren’t able to think as clearly as we need to, we may even end up making decisions and judgment calls that we might not have otherwise if we’d just gotten a few more hours of shuteye. Though it may be difficult at first, aiming for eight hours of sleep at night is a great goal to shoot for.

Put Your Faith in Christ, but Don’t Neglect Your Health!

Overall, even if we are promised an eternity with Jesus, we shouldn’t neglect our earthly bodies as a result. Not only does it make it harder for us to lead Godly lives and stay focused on Him, but it’s also not what God intended either. Honoring God isn’t a separate activity that takes place through prayer or attending church, but something that can be incorporated into every aspect of our lives–including how we care for our bodies.